Principal Page

May 2017
Principal's Message from Kevin Dorken
It’s That Time: Finish Strong!
With our calendars having turned to May (can you believe it?!), we will continue to stress the importance of Finishing Strong at school. It is a concept that I write and talk about every year around this time because of the increase in potential distractions (e.g., many special events, improved weather, transitions, etc.) from the habits and hard work we’ve been engaged in all year. Just as any athletic contest requires a strong push until the clock runs out, this is the time of year when we all need to sustain our energy and determination. So while we’ve been dedicated to our school-wide guidelines for success all year – Be Safe, Be Kind & Give Your Best Effort – it is now up to everyone to focus on these to an even greater extent, particularly the last one.
As a staff, Finishing Strong means continuing to keep our expectations high for learning and behavior. Teachers will reflect on the extent to which they have achieved goals for individual students thus far, as well as their collaborative team goals, bring that focused work to closure, and begin planning for next steps in the 2017-18 school year. 
At home, you can encourage Finishing Strong through a continued (or renewed) commitment to positive routines related to homework completion and reading, schedule planning, healthy diet, hygiene, adequate sleep, and prompt arrival to school each day. In other words, the “push” need not be anything intense, just a rededicated focus. We appreciate your support!
There are many opportunities for celebration to come in the next few weeks, representing much hard work, including our Second Grade Program (May 25), Open House (June 1), Field Day (June 2) and more. We are looking forward to a festive and focused finish to our school year. We hope to see you at Lyon soon!