EVER FREE and other ways that little is BIG

Instead of starting with our own question, this year we asked Lyon students what they wanted their show to be about, and what questions they would want to ask the entire school.  A lot of kids said they wanted to ask everyone about what makes being a kid so special… SO WE DID!  When we asked them to tell us more about why being a kid is so awesome, they had so many ideas to share.   Watch their video introduction to hear more about their message! 

Kindergarteners will tell you what it’s like to be little in their part of the show “FITTING IN LITTLE SPACES.”

First  Graders build on with “SWINGING ON WEEPING WILLOWS,” where they share all the amazing things get kids get to do (and the things they are glad they don’t have to do) and how they can have fun and be happy doing most anything. 

Second Graders finish our show with “BUILDING BIG IDEAS” where they share that little kids can have big imaginations and make big differences.  Because, after all, being little is pretty BIG! 

Their show is also a chance for students to apply and share the Fine Arts tools and skills they’ve been learning.  They’ve been working on vocal technique and creating meaningful movements.  They used their Drama tools to show their imagination and concentration.  They created the set by painting lines that abstract actions kids get to do  (see if you can spot a snow angel, a somersault,  sneaking up on someone, or a cartwheel), and chose colors that communicate the energy of being a kid.  

This show is their message from their hearts. We just help them share it.

December 22nd at 10:00 and 1:30


Note: Ustream is a free service and we cannot control their advertisements.  Thank you for watching!