EVER FREE and other ways that little is BIG

In this show, the Second Graders dig deeper into the idea that little is big. We asked them what it means to be big, and how they can do big things. They told us that they have big dreams and big spirit. They shared how they can make big moves and that together they will make a big difference. You will hear and see these ideas throughout their show. 

Their show is also a chance for the students to apply and share Fine Arts tools and skills they’ve been learning all year. They’ve been working on vocal technique, adding instrumentation to songs, and creating meaningful movements using the elements of dance. They used drama tools to express the message with their body, voice, and mind.  They also sketched design elements to express the message of the show. These elements were used to create their mosaic and you will see the sketches projected throughout the show.

This show is their message from their hearts. We just help them share it.

December 22nd at 10:00 and 1:30


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