BIT by BIT try every way you can

This year, Lyon students have explored their vision for the future and how they can use the Arts to make that vision real. This show is all about what the second graders DO to make the world more colorful, joyful, and fun! It’s about how, bit by bit,  little things make a big difference when you try every way you can. The show reflects their ideas, but more importantly their ACTIONS. They chose the songs, built the set, and DID the work to make Lyon even brighter.

Their show is also a chance for the students to apply and share the Fine Arts tools and skills
they’ve been learning all year. They’ve been working on vocal technique, adding instrumentation to songs, and creating meaningful movements using the elements of Dance.  They used their Drama tools to iterate, experiment, and express their message.  They also chose which visual media was best way communicate their class message, and this artwork will be a colorful, joyful, fun gift to Lyon.

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